Monday, December 7, 2009

The Anti-Foodie...

My Favorite Foods:

I often find myself saying, "This is one of my favorite foods." So I thought I would see whether I can limit my favs to a list of 10. It's not a very healthy list, but oh so good!

(1) Hot fudge sundaes - I don't care how many fancy desserts there are on the menu, this is the best - especially at Cafe Luxembourg

(2) Macaroni and cheese - I lived on this in business school. The real thing - Kraft. Now it's Smart Ones and Amy's soy cheese...

(3) Cherries - better than candy, and because they're available only a few months a year, I never get enough

(4) Chocolate covered strawberries - milk not dark

(5) Jicama - picked that up at Canyon Ranch - doesn't seem to fit with the others, does it...

(6) Brownies - the kind made from the box; none of that fancy stuff - and no nuts

(7) Veal parmigiana - fabulous at Becco - although it's hard to find bad veal parm

(8) Malted milk shakes - Ronnybrook in Chelsea Market - to DIE for!

(9) Brussel sprouts - do you believe me? It depends completely on how they are prepared.

(10) Caramel apples - they have these Wollman Rink. Oh so good.

What are your food favs?

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Edwin said...

Ronnybrook is indeed good, but in the same Chelsea market also not forget the fish tacos at 202, followed by a doppio from Ninth Street Espresso